• We offer worry-free
    ownership for 25 years.

  • Our Premium solar panels are rated to last 40 years and have a 25 to 30 year warranty.

  • Save 30% on your electric bill
    with $0 down.

SunPro offers Residential and Commercial Solar Installation

AP Systems Micro-inverter has a 20 year warranty

AP Systems Micro-inverter has a 20 year warranty.

SolarEdge now offers battery backup

Solaredge optimizers are like having a smart chip for your panel. Solar Edge optimizers maximize your roofs space, and includes a 25 year warranty.

SMA Backup Power

SMA’s Secure Power Supply (SPS) feature provides 1500 Watts of daytime power in the event of a grid outage.

Add $15,000 -$40,000 of value to your home.

The National Bureau of Economic Research found an average home value increase of $22,555 for homes sold with PV solar panels