• We offer worry-free ownership for 25 years with a loan or a lease to own option.

  • Save 30% on your electric bill
    with $0 down.

  • Our Premium solar panels are rated to last 40 years and have a 25 year warranty.

  • Established in 1959, SunEdison is the largest renewable energy development company in the world.

Add $15,000 -$40,000 of value to your home.

The National Bureau of Economic Research found an average home value increase of $22,555 for homes sold with PV solar panels

Sun Edison

Established in 1959, Sun Edison is the largest renewable energy developer in the world and offers top rated premium solar panels.

Backup Power Supply

The Secure Power Supply (SPS) feature provides 1500 Watts of daytime power in the event of a grid outage.

How Solar Works

Any overproduction your solar system produces in the day time will be banked with your utility company. You can use your credits when you need them.